[x] We are alone

[x] And all we need

Good thing I’m not drawing a shitload of SNK WIPs/Sketches I will never ever finish.


All I want is a happy Eruri wedding: Beautiful bride Erwin wearing the most gorgeous dress, dancing with his handsome tiny husband. /sobs

The 3DS Miiverse is great! ´7`

If you wondered why I’m not updating my art blog: 
I’m too busy drawing naked snk baby sketches. (too lazy for clothes.)

But really I’m just having a massive art block, finishing anything would be really nice for a change. (something wearing clothes.)

Did I mention, Eruri is my new OTP? It’s my new OTP. (With or without clothes.)

Late villager appreciation sketches.


Definitely my favourite AU ever. It’s so freaking adorable, I literally can’t.

I think Meulin has no official aquariumstuck mertroll design yet, so I tried to make her some kind of sea lion mertroll.. with cat stripes and patterns that are based off her skirt. Aquariumstuck. (◡‿ ◡✿)

Had to upload again because tumblr messed up. >A<

drawings in which I shamefully misinterpret the characters for my own sick pleasure. Yay, elementary school TF2.

Young Medic \o/

First time drawing TF2 characters. Good idea to do it without references. D: 

Archimedes, you psycho bitch.